About Us

Roofers in Kalamazoo, Michigan face some very unique weather conditions. One minute it will be sunny and beautiful the next minute it will be snowing with thunder and lightning. These abrupt changes can cause big problems with your roof. That’s why our roofers go the extra distance to make sure that your roof is ready to handle these chaotic weather conditions. Code specifies that an Ice/water shield be installed along the eve edges extending no less than two feet past the interior edge of all exterior walls on heated spaces.  Our roofers extend the Ice/water shield to almost 6 feet along exterior walls on these heated spaces. Precision Roofing Inc. also installs Ice/water shield around skylights, chimneys and all other roof penetrations. (pipe boots, box vents etc.) We also replace all existing roof flashings to ensure that everything is installed properly to maintain a water tight system for the life of your roof.



All of our roofers here at Precision Roofing Inc. take this even one more step; we not only install our products in accordance to state and local codes we also evaluate the special circumstances that exist on each roof and make sure that these problem areas do not turn into headaches. Building codes are not the best way to do something they are the bare minimum allowed. Why settle for a good roof when you could have the best.